It’s been a while we were thinking about it…

Retail stores are transforming into media and, in turn, media are transforming into retail store. Upside down of a new retail thinking where experience is now taking the front row.

What’s coming next ? Is the world of fashion changing ?

And what if this was the end… an end and a new start. We are dreaming about a revamped industry where experience and the unexpected are two halves of a whole. Time to bring out our imagination.

Get new ideas out of your dreams.

1…2…3 Time to think outside the box and escape to a better world. New York, L.A., London, Tokyo, YOU’VE BEEN SO INSPIRING! And you, Paris… the starting place of the most beautiful fashion stories. Your Rive Gauche would be perfect to write our first chapter. A mind full of ideas, moodboards piling up all around us, a social generation making the rules of a new era. We are travelling, taking care of a group of influencers through amazing series of articles, interviews and podcasts.

We are ...

& Dreamers

Are you ready?
Are WE ready?

The future might be confusing…