by Aglaé Dancette
April 13, 2019

Building the right team for success 

In many case entrepreneurs start their business by themselves and they don’t always have funds to hire a team straight up. Once they finally have the possibility to hire they absolutely need to take the good decisions regarding recruitement, training, managing and motivating their employees.

“Most of mistakes are not made because of a lack of motivation but because of a lack of communication.”


Management team

If you get to hire a team, you want your new employees to help you make it all happen in the company. To manage a fashion retail business, you’ll need the skills to plan, organize, control and communicate. By creating a team, you make sure that you’ll have people to take care of sales, finance, marketing, on a daily basis. Your role as a manager is to be aware of the strengths and weakenesses of every member of your team. Also, you can decide to manage the business yourself and alone, or hire managers some of these functions. If you’re lacking funds to hire a whole team at the start, try to identify the functions that would be the best investments to make your company grow.


Building a culture

The culture of a company determines how things are organized and done. As a manager, it is important to establish the core values of the project and ensure that the employees carry them out in their work. If you want to attract the best workers, you must provide them an environment in which they feel good to stay and connected to the mission. In fashion industry, it’s likely to offer a fun, creative and well-liked atmosphere that is relaxed and employee-friendly. More and more companies try to respect the balance between work and private life, being flexible regarding schedules for example. Having workers from different backgrounds is also a good way to create a diversified culture within the company. Employees are usually proud to take part of a project if they’re encouraged to participate to it in a open and honest way of communicating.


As a leader, it is crucial to be able to create a consensus and be able to deal with conflict and multiple point of views. The manager is truely the person who needs the skills to anticipate the changes and the innovations. Under any circumstances, the leader must keep the team motivated and strong towards adversity. Beyond simply establishing the rules, a good leader has to make the employees feel they are part of the project. Managing people also means pressing for performance and rewarding when the work has been well done. Having some leadership is the ability to understand the relationships between people, giving suggestions and directions that will help them take some initiatives.


Effective communication

It goes without saying it, but communication is key ! In general of course, and even more importantly in a company. Being capable of delivering the informations and the ideas the right way from a person to another can make a huge difference to avoid struggles. To succeed, the leaders of a business must be able to explain to their teams the global vision of the project. Most of mistakes are not made because of a lack of motivation but because of a lack of communication. It can be oral or written communication, and it touches employees, providers, sailors, or even customers. Beyond verbal communication, gestures, attitudes, body language are also very demonstrating and meaningful. You want your message to be clear enough so it doesn’t have to be interpreted in any other way. Managers should always make sure that their requests are understood and that give constructive feedbacks to their employees.