by Aglaé Dancette
January 21, 2019

What’s the best outfit for a job interview ?

Who are you ? A person who is about to go to a meeting. This is a pretty important meeting because it’s a job interview. You’ll have to try to amaze your interlocutor with your personnality. Of course, your speech is ready : you know the features of the company, the features of the job you’ve applied to, and you already know few informations about the recruiter you’re about to meet. In one word : you’re ready to nail it.

Are you absolutely sure though ?

Everything seems under control. You’re barely stressed. You know exactly what’s at stake. So everything is fine. The last thing you need to take care of is chosing the right outfit to make a good impression.As you know, the appearance does matter. You want to look decent so the recruiter first gets a good opinion of you. Because before listening he will look at you.

So, how do you make yourself look professionnal ?

In the first place, your interlocutor will surely look at your face. Actually, your face means more than what you think. To be convincing, your facial expressions will complement your words. Bring your best smile to the interview and keep it on till the end of it. It’s a positive signal if the recruiter can tell that you feel confident and good about yourself. It means that it’s unnecessary to overdo your make-up : chose a natural and riskless beauty treatment. For instance, you’d better wear a strong lipstick that will last during all the interview, or not have any at all. For the rest of the face, give favour to a natural look, which means don’t overdo bright colors. Keep in mind that simple is the best.

Now, let’s consider your hair. You want to make sure it will stay still the whole time. Do your hair so it looks in order : it can’t hide your face, it can’t bother you. You want to feel at ease and be able to be yourself during the interview. Are you used to have your hair in or out ?

What is next to be on sight will be your top : go for a shirt or a blouse (you’re sure to be right). Make sure it’s well ironed and it looks comfortable (not too close-fitting), a little low necked but not too much, with a bit of colors but not too bright. You can mix it up with a more eccentric garment (cut or design), your originality could also be noticed and appreciated. If you’re sensitive to cold, make sure that your jacket goes with your blouse (goes without saying, I know).

If you really get into the interview, your hands might start to move as well. You know your body language more than anyone, right ? Your hands also have to look clean : file your nails, polish them with a nude color and mosturize your hands (for your own pleasure).

For the rest of your outfit, the keyword is « comfort ». Wear some pants you feel good in, that are chic and good in the context of an job interview. You don’t want their color to catch the eye too much so wear them blue, black or grey. Likewise for a skirt : you want to remain elegant and classic. The skirt has to be well cut, and has to fit you great. Preferably, chose one that is knee long, it’s riskless.

If you want to go for a dress, pick up one that is in line with your personnality and your figure and that isn’t « too much ».

There’s no doubt that the recruiter will have a quick look at your shoes too. Make sure that they go with the rest of your outfit, shine them, and again, no bright color. Remind yourself that you want to be convincing but it’s not a fashion show. You can go for high heels under 5 centimeters, or booties or lace-up shoe. Don’t wear sneakers that could make you look too relaxed and don’t wear sandals either because it gets associate with holidays, beach etc…

The choice of your bag also matters. Yes, everything does ! You want a bag that looks chic, not too big and not too small in which you can put some notes, your resume, and everything you need.

After all these reminders, what does matter the most is you though. Don’t change who you are, be simple and do your best to fit into the situation (well, make a little effort). Show why you’re the best candidate for the job, with confidence if it’s possible. Is it ?