by Léa Taïeb
January 17, 2019

Job Interview : what questions should you ask ?

There you are. Almost done. You’re a little dizzy and breathless after a 40minutes face-to-face. That was quite of a challenge : intellectual, creative and rhetoric. You can be proud of yourself. It’s going to be the moment when the recruiter says : « We’re getting close to the end of the interview, do you have any question ? »

You must answer “Yes!”. If one more chance is given to you to make a difference, take it. Saying « no » would be seen as a lack of inspiration and interest for the job, which could prejudice you. So have a clear strategy in mind at that point. The questions you will ask can help you differentiate yourself from the other candidates : how should you prove that you’re special ?


Ask something about the company

-What are the long-term perspectives for the company ?
This question is relevant because you make your interlocutor express himself and give you a point of view. To him, what are the changes the company will work towards in the near future ? What will the company look like in 10 years time ? Asking this shows that you are ready to join them and see yourself in the company into the future. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one making all these changes !

-What are the goals to achieve on a short-term matter (and/or long-term period) ?
This question is efficient because it shows that you want to know why you’re here. The interlocutor will surely reply giving you some details about the missions of the job you applied to and what you’ll have to do if you became part of the team. That question shows your comittment already.

-What is the strategy of the company to differentiate itself on the market ?
Of course, you already are aware of what is at stake because you’ve prepped the interview getting some infos about the company on the internet etc. You know their website by heart and you know some key figures. But there’s nothing better than asking about what makes the company so special compared to others. Don’t forget to ask the question taking into account the right context so the recruiter will remeber you for it.

-What is a typical workweek in the company ?
Some companies plan a lot of meetings, some organize breakfasts with the employees and some gather everyone for team-building events. Every company has its own culture and its own way to make people work together, that’s why it’s interesting to ask to know more about it. They are informations that you can’t find online or elsewhere (unless the company shows « behind the scene » on social networks).

-Make mention of what the news currently are in the company and ask for some more details.
Again, you’ve done your own researches preparing the interview so you’re aware about what the company is currently dealing with. Nevertheless, there’s something you’ve been pondering on and that you didn’t fully understand : well, that’s your chance to ask and show how curious and relevant you are about the job and the company.


Ask something about the job

-What would be the perfect candidate for this job to you ?
This isn’t a very eccentric question but it will force the recruiter to express his opinion about you basically : are you the person is looking for ? Whatever his answer is, show some humour and don’t forget to smile (very important) !

-What are the main missions to start with ?
You can’t wait to take part of the company and do a great job from day 1. That’s why you already anticipate about what you’ll first have to take care of. If there wasn’t too many details about your missions in the job offer, this question is necessary. But if it was very accurate in the job offer, don’t ask it. Again this question helps you express your motivation.

-Who would I be working with ? How many people are there in the team ?
You picture yourself getting the job. You picture yourself having a great position in the company and working in the open space. Yet, you don’t know who you’re going to work with at this point. Asking the question can help you get more familiar with your future colleagues and the organization of the company.

Ask something more personnal to the recruiter

-What a typical day for you ?
Try to immerge yourself into the daily routine of your interlocutor and see if he accepts to share with you the reality of his own job. The description of his planning can give you a really good insight of what a typical day would be for you in future. This is the opportunity to make the conversation last longer.

-What’s your main motivation at work ?
You’re right to ask this question, you’re curious and it’s fine to express it. The recruiter could be surprised but it encourages him to be specific and to reveal some more details. You have to find the right timing to ask this question though. If the interview didn’t go well, it may be better to skip that one.

-How did you get there ? What’s been your path ?
Well, again, don’t feel bad for being curious ! You want to know about the recruiter’s professionnal path. It’s a good opportunity for him to remind himself where he comes from and to feel for you as he was once in your seat. This is a good way to trigger his empathic side.


Ask about the following process

-When will you give me a reply about the interview ?
Show that you’re a person who keeps moving forward. What will you do if they don’t take you ? What will happen next if they chose you ? The recruiter will get that you need to ask that question to know what to expect.

-What are the next steps ? Is there a seconde interview etc ?
It’s a little bit similar to the previous question. The recruiter can decide at the end of the interview if he wants to see you again, in the same context or in a different one. Make him explain to you the steps to come. If you get the chance, set up the next meeting already. So you don’t leave the interview with any uncertainty and can get prepped for the next round.