by Maëlle Viaouet, Diane Vermont
November 14, 2019

Why brands are now more sensitive to entertainment strategies?

The actual society is becoming a society of leisure and entertainment. People are looking for insouciance and light-hearted ways to be. Companies must reply to this demand and even take advantage of it for their marketing strategies. Costumers can’t stand being bored anymore, and a lot of new parries have been developped.

« More brands are now thinking about entertainment strategies. It’s an easy way to surprise your customers, and also a good way to target the new generation

No more holds

All the spheres of the society have become digitalised, which has exacerbated the need of entertainment. Holds, moments of waiting, or boredom are filled with an easy and fast access to games and recreational activities of all sorts. The success of mobile apps to learn a foreign language (like Duolinguo for example), or recreational apps to create some animated pictures (like iLingual), or even useless but very addictive games (like Candy Crush or 2048), shows that these activities that are just a hobby, has a very big advertising potential thanks to the audience that it gathers. The game publisher King Digital Saga has entered the Stock in 2013 after the global success of its famous game Candy Crush Saga. The simplicity of the game is baffling : you have to gather three alike lollies to make them disappear. But the free-to-play mode is a safe business plan because at first, you can download the game for free, and then if you want to go forward into higher levels, you can pay for some options and transitions. You make the addicts clients get to purchase something out of you.

Jacquemus Make Up
Video campaign Chanel cosmetics, 2013

Game and customer relationship

Beyond games, all the today’s interfaces are judged in the light of how recreational and entertaining they are. A lot of digital services try to replicate the principles, rules and habbits of games to lead costumers to their products or services. We are witnessing the gamification of the customer relationship, in order to catch their attentions more easily and to make them faithful quicker. Nike has launched Nike+ Fuelband for example ; it allows you to get some sport training with your friends to then gain some points and take some challenges. The other explanation to the success of games and entertainment could be the willing for people to forget about the world and its problems. People would be looking for more shallow activities to beat their stress, anxiety, fears. Games, and entertainment in general, become the way to withdraw from the world for a little moment, to reach a light-hearted state of mind while maintening a social bond.

Even luxury brands understood this new trend. A few months ago Chanel decided to set up the « Coco Lab » in the Parisian famous department store, Le Bon Marché. The idea was to launch its new jewelry line with an entertainment strategy. Chanel nurses were welcoming their clients and asked them to pass an ophtalmologic exam to verify their eyesights. During the test clients were able to read and discover the univers of the new jewelry line.

An amazing way to launch a new line. Clients felt really enthusiast face to this strategy, they loved to be part of an unexpected experience.

It was also a good idea to target a new generation of customers. This kind of installation is really « instagrammable », the new generation took pictures and then repost it all over social medias.

But it wasn’t the first time that Chanel was playing with this strategy. Remember a few years ago the make up animation has been viewed by thousand customers all over the world. It was the begining of a new playful marketing strategy which is now evolving.

We also have in mind the fashion shows set up, the window/display of some stores that can of course also been qualified as an entertainment strategy for brands.

Smaller brands are also playing with influencers to launch competitions on social medias where clients can win products if they’re in.

Then to close this really intersting article, we’ve been really amazed by Glossier’s new announcement. The cosmetics brand just released an instagram video to launch its new brand : Glossier PLAY. An exciting teaser that shows us that they’re really in the GAME !!!

Keep an eye on it….