by Diane Vermont
February 19, 2019

How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Brand

The best way to increase your Instagram audience remains the creation of a cohesive brand image. No matter if you’re new on the app or if you’re just working on a new strategy, the construction of your Instagram strategy is such an important challenge if you want to succeed.

Of course you’ve already been face to this situation during which you just open your Insta app but absolutely don’t know what you gonna post! In this situation you just feel bad and finally close the app with no new post. No worry, you’re not alone!

As you know, the last minute content is not a good idea, it’s usually in this kind of stressful moments that you will upload something that is really not cohesive with your social strategy. Be careful.

In this article, we will try to give you advices that will help you to earn visibility. We will also help you to grow your account and of course to reach the results that you’re looking for. 

“Bringing Your Instagram Brand To Life: The 5 Types of Content Every Brand Should Be Posting.”

 1. Content That Shows Off Your Personality

The first type of content that we recommend is content that shows off your personality.

The line between professional and personal on Instagram is beginning to blur as people are becoming more curious to know the faces behind their favorite brands. This a a great news for business owners, it allows them to form a stronger connection with their audience!

In other words, business owners should feel comfortable posting things to their Instagram feed that let people get to know they are. Are you a coffee addict? Do you have an adorable dog?

Your Instagram profile should make it clear you’re running a business, while still letting your followers know who you are and what’s important to you!


2. Content That Shows Off Your Brand Values

The next type of content that we suggest to brands is to incorporate content that shows off their brand values.

This includes things you care most about and guide how you run your business. This is one of the best ways to show people you’re a real person, and not just there to make a sale.

Take The Wing for example, a women’s coworking space located in New York and DC. The Wing’s content includes topics related to women’s empowerment, and only makes mention of the actual space on occasion:

By using Instagram as a platform to share their brand values, they give audiences a reason to follow their feed, even if they aren’t necessarily a paying member of their space.

It can be easy for brands to focus on the sales-aspect of their brand, however Miller reminds brand owners that “You have a reason to exist in the world, and you want to get people on board with you because they share your values.” There’s a reason you feel passionate about what you’re doing, and it’s important to share that with your audience!

Courtesy of Later.com
Courtesy of Later.com
Courtesy of Later.com

 3. Content That Brings Your Brand Story to Life

Every brand has a story, including a beginning, middle and end. You have a journey, and people love to hear about it. Sharing this type of content with your audience is a great way to stay top-of-mind, build brand trust, and grow a devoted community of followers.

We recommend thinking about how you can start to weave your story into your messaging (if you haven’t already). What was the thing that got you here? What was your starting point?

We also suggest starting off by using captions to share your brand story. By including bits of your story in your Instagram posts, you’ll create compelling content that your followers will love, while giving them a deeper understanding of your brand.

Take for example, wellness and marketing coach Angie Lee. Angie’s Instagram bio is quite impressive, with a list of all her current projects and accomplishments:

However by clicking through her posts and Instagram Stories, you start understanding her journey and how she rose to her self-made success:

This type of story brings us so much closer to why business owners are passionate about what they’re doing. By including some backstory in her captions, she forms a connection with her audience and becomes much more relatable.

We also advise writing down one or two memorable points about your brand’s journey. This will help you form your brand story, and make sure it’s consistently shared throughout your messaging.


4. Content That Offers Followers Advice Around Your Expertise

Next, we suggest creating content that offers advice around your expertise. Giving out  advice for free is a great way to build reciprocity with your audience. This will also make people want to engage and follow because you’re being so generous.

Use Nutrition Stripped as an example, noting she is not only a great photographer, but also has a lot of value to offer. Along with her drool-worthy flatlays, she gives her audience practical nutritional advice in her captions.


5. Content Promoting Your Product or Services

Last but not least, we recommend creating content to promote your product and services. While crafting your brand story is crucial to building your Instagram brand, you still want to remind people you’re running a business!

In fact, we suggest to use the 80/20 rule when planning out your content-mix: 80% of your content should tell your story, whereas 20% should be promotional.