by Aglaé Dancette
November 14, 2019

The key : please surprise your customers

Glossier's pop up, San Fransisco

After thinking about what you want your shop to look like, about the values of your brand and concept, the last step to success is to keep your visitors surprised.


Maintaining the concept

First of all, once the concept is well defined, it is important to maintain it over time : furnitures, some trendy elements that have lost their impact, you must renew everything very regularly if you want you store to remain attractive. On average, the renewal of a shop is required every four years, which is a pretty big investment every time. That’s why if you maintain the standing of the shop more often, you can wait a little longer before changing everything.

“How do you want them to feel like when clients come in your store ?”

Glossier at Rhea's Café de San Francisco
Glossier at Rhea's Café de San Francisco
Glossier at Rhea's Café de San Francisco

Homogenization of retail chains

The development of strong brands and concepts in retail leads to a phenomenon of homogenization of store chains. And this is a double-edged thing. On a side, the customers get familiar with it because they find the exact same wherever they are or go, the same products, organised the exact same way and in the same atmosphere. But on the other side, there is no surprise, and bit by bit all the city centers get to look alike. It can seem reassuring but costumers usually end up taking action against the companies that lack imagination. The difficulty is to find the right balance between between providing a creative experience to the clients and respecting the codes and values of the brand that make what it is.


Surprise !

How to create a different range of offers depending on the location of the shops, which means what flexibility do you allow the regional managers to have regarding the setting of the products, the music, the smells etc ? To last long, the goal is to entertain the curiosity and the interest of the visitors. Some big brands like Le Printemps, Les Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché and more, succeed in regularly changing the atmosphere of their shops : discounts, new settings, weekly themes, musical events, all are elements that can make the experience of shopping recreational and entertaining. The concept-store Colette is also a good example of modernity on that matter, because they remained on the top of the trend for ten years. They made sure to renew their displays every week and to keep searching for the extraordinary products all the time. Everything had been thought to get success without even needing any advertisement.

A few months ago the challenge has been achieved by the American delicious cosmetics brand, Glossier. Indeed the brand has been able to surprise its customers by the opening of a unique and unexpected new concept in San Fransisco. The brand decided to partner with an American deli – Rhea’s Cafe for a few days pop up. It was such a big deal to mix food and cosmetics but they made it, and clients were really amazed about the experience.

French famous brands Pierre Hermé and l’Occitane also thought about a surprising concept. Last year they decided to partner and launch a totally new concept on the well know avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris.

Co-branding can finally also be the origin of surprising projects…

Keep an eye on it!