by Aglaé Dancette
February 13, 2019

Is Arielle Charnas fashion’s future face?

Arielle Charnas is a 31-year-old New Yorker, and what we call an influencer. She built her fame on Instagram and just made her breakthrough in the fashion world. She symbolizes the way this industry, inspired by various personalities, had had to adapt and to grow in the last few years.

Arielle Charnas has more than one million followers on Instagram. She began in 2009 by creating her own blog and writing about her daily life (to impress her boyfriend YESS). She’s moved on nowadays to posting pictures of her life, her family, her wedding, or her children (2 adorable little girls). Every time she promotes a brand, its sales explode.  Nordstorm noticed it well enough. In 2017, they let Charnas design a capsule collection – named Something Navyafter her blog –, an affordable line which generated $5 million in sales on its launch day. To this day, never has Nordstorm signed a more lucrative collaboration.

Charnas symbolizes how the fashion industry has had to evolve lately: by involving these influencers in its inner workings. It is estimated that 72% of people are driven to buy products because they saw it first on their social networks feed! Even though they lack experience in fashion, these figures are the new hits and they get invited to front the public of every fashion show. Arielle Charnas doesn’t even have the biggest number of followers in her field; yet she amazes everyone with her ability to convert “views” into sales. She converts her followers 230 times more than some influencers who have the same size of audience.

“Is Arielle Charnas fashion’s future face?”

Nordstorm called Arielle Charnas at a time when their sales were declining because of online competition, and when brands were definitely growing fonder of forming collaborations in order to lure consumers back into their physical shops. Charnas describes her collection as « elevated basics » : she includes details from current trends into her items, which are both basic and wardrobe-essential.

This type of partnership draws benefits for both parties at every level. Nordstorm convinces a new public to visit its stores, and Charnas gets to enjoy a broader exposure as well as a distribution and marketing network she would have a hard time replicating if she decided to launch her brand on her own. She now needs to make the positive impression from this successful collaboration last as long as can be. This month, a new collection Something Navy x Nordstorm will be unveiled and include kids wear. Since the deal with Arielle Charnas was supposed to expire at the beginning of the year but due to these amazing sales performance they decided to extend the partnership (and we are so excited!!) We can imagine that she might start to think about her own brand.

Please trust us and keep an eye on her…