After a cool childhood, teenage years in Paris, one year at the Webster Miami, and an entrepreneurship program at the Institut Français de la Mode Diane developed an idea dedicated to fashion and the one who work in this beautiful industry. She came up with it. Worked on it. Restructured it. Talked about it. Organized it. The idea became a project and the project grew into a real deal. It’s what you have right under your eyes, now. Lovely, isn’t it?

Fashion has always been a passion for her. Younger, she used to spend hours in her grandparents’ workshop and explore the content of her mother’s dressing room, a « smart woman who doesn’t fear using color ». Nowadays, she enjoys her own « romantic », « bohemian », or « vintage » sartorial findings. She shares them. Here. With you.

Diane lives for fashion. Around fashion. For fashion. The fact remains that not a day goes by without her creating something. Thanks to the fashion industry. Thanks to geniuses, the « outsiders » who are behind what is ephemeral. She is an dreamer. 

Take notes: She loves traveling. Going from one continent to another. From city to city. Paris to London. London to New York City. New York City to Los Angeles. Los Angeles to Tokyo. She travels to understand the constructs on which cultures are based. To seek new influences. To get a look at another side of things. To surprise herself. As a way to brush up her knowledge. As a way to get inspired.

She is never getting bored and hate to lost her time. What free time she has, she spends it searching for new ideas and creations that pop out of the blue. 

To get to understand her, you need to understand her ideas. They sweep through her quick as lightning. She loves surprises. They all appear out of her suggestion box. Ready to open it?

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